Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Headsail Is Here!

The headsail we ordered for Wrinkles back in early December 2012 has arrived. Last season we purchased a new mainsail from FX Sails and it really improved our Com-pac 23's performance and appearance. We thought we were going to get by with just that one sail purchase, but the original headsail proceeded to fall apart during the sailing season. It was impossible to get a good consistent shape in the sail (mounted on a CDI FF2 roller furler) due to all the stretch in it from years of use.

The new headsail is is 115 genoa with a royal blue sacrificial strip. Boy is Wrinkles going to look awesome this year with her full set of new sails. It will really be fun and educational to adjust and tweak the sails for perfect shape. If the sails aren't looking good now it is completely our fault. No more blaming it on the blown out sails. Although we'll probably still have some Wrinkles In Our Sails.


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