Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anchoring Hand Signals

We rarely daysail, so we do a lot of anchoring for breaks and overnighting. This means we do the "anchoring dance" quite often. Those of you who know Mike understand that he doesn't like confrontation or tension for any reason. He is just a relaxed easy going type of guy. Quiet is good. Anchoring seems to involve miscommunication, frustration and unfortunately too often raised voices for many.

We have read many (and by many we mean way too many) sailing adventure books which all discuss communications between the skipper and the mate during anchoring. Many couples have developed a set of hand signals to communicate silently from the two ends of the boat. What the authors never seem to discuss is the actual hand signals they use. They seem to guard them like some tribal secret.

So our mission is to develop our own set of hand signals and we would love to hear suggestions on other couples hand signals. We'll keep you apprised of the signals we adopt or create. No secrets here.


If you need a good laugh and enjoy sailing ditties, check out Eileen Quinn's song "The Anchoring Dance". Kind of says it all.


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