Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank You Weatherman!

A big thank you to the weatherman - not because he brought great weather, but because he failed to tell us how beautiful it was going to be. You see, if we had known just how gorgeous it was going to be, we would have gone sailing....surprise, surprise. But since the forecast was for a rainy cool Saturday and a not much better Sunday, we decided to be good kids and stay home and get some work done around the house. And work we did. Two big loads of mulch shoveled into the trailer, hauled home and spread around the gardens, trees trimmed, lawn mowed (after we bought a replacement for the one that puked 50 feet out of the garage two days ago), rock wall around the garage finished, and many flowers planted (but certainly not the last). .....Whew. Mike is definitely more into the yard work this year. Could it be that he is looking ahead to the pictures of our house in the for sale brochure?

We rewarded ourselves with brats over the fire pit with our son Matt and his girlfriend Kelly. I guess you can have fun on land in the summer!


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