Thursday, May 23, 2013

Enough with the mulch already!

B and I have been really working hard on getting the house and yard ready for sale. Having a few acres in the country with a big house has been great, but over the past 5 years we have let all the upkeep slide. It's not that we are lazy - sailing just took over our summertime lives. It has been awesome spending so much time on the water while our yard was slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.

We have trimmed all the trees, sprayed for weeds, built another decorative retaining wall, pulled weeds out of gardens, replaced bent gutters, mowed, cut back the scrub trees that love our drain field up on the ridge, buried the sump pump outlet hose, finished installing the drain tile around the back of the house and shoveled mulch until our arms ached.

So the house (at least the exterior) is "Reclaimed" as Brenda describes it. We have plenty of projects left to do, but it is time to spend some time on Wrinkles. We plan on sailing for four days and despite the iffy forecast we are excited to go.

Mike slapped another coat of Interlux paint on Squint The Famous Racing Dinghy while Brenda worked on some bimini repairs. We marveled at our little homemade Portuguese dinghy last night. It was built it as a fun project expecting to get one or maybe two seasons out of it. After 5 seasons the little bugger just keeps following behind Wrinkles ready to take us ashore anytime we want to explore.


Enough with the mulch already, lets go sailing


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  1. We just returned from a six day cruise to find long grass and untrimmed hedges. But the wind is up and the weather fine- Cast off all lines!