Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh! This is real!

Last weekend we kicked into high gear on prepping our lovely home for sale. As you know we have taken our realtor's advice and tiled 4 bathrooms, dry walled and painted the stairwell to the basement, cleaned out the basement and are removing as much of our personal belongings as possible. This past weekend our daughter, Tina, came to help Brenda staging the house. This wasn't easily done as our house is one big honkin' mess right now. Toilets stacked in the showers, boxes of stuff everywhere, furniture in the hallways and just general chaos.

Tina did a nice job getting the main areas to look uncluttered and attractive. Poor Brenda just keeps watching all her stuff go on one of three piles. Junk pile, garage sale pile and storage pile. Just as Brenda was getting settled in the process our good friends Jim and Joni came along to push the project along. At one time there were three women in Brenda's kitchen cupboards sorting, cleaning and mostly tossing all the contents. Brenda looked sort of shell shocked for a while. There was a constant stream of boxes going from the house to our big garage creating what can only be described as a mountain of garage sale items. Two people with three kids sure do accumulate a lot of stuff over the years.

I took everyone out to a Mexican restaurant that had outdoor seating and a big cold margarita for Brenda. I think Brenda relaxed a little and adjusted to the idea that this clean out is necessary if we want to pursue our dream. Seeing all her treasures dumped on a pile for sale made the process very real to her. We aren't just talking about a dream, we are doing it.

Happy anniversary Brenda. 32 years sure have gone by quickly. I love you and I can't wait to begin this new adventure with you.

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