Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Big Step

We signed an agreement with our realtors last night to sell our house. For the past fifteen years it has been our home, retreat, playground and shelter. It has served us well and hopefully will make another young family very happy too.

We don't expect much interest or activity this late in the season, but you never know. All it takes is one family looking for a big country home. Almost all our work is done, but just like a boat there is always something that needs attention. We will continue to sell/give away our accumulation of possessions and touch up a few more items on the house.

Mike is busy drooling over some of the sailboat bargains that are passing by before we are in a position to buy. That Westsail 32 project for $11,000 and a Tayana 37 beauty going for a ridiculous price of just $23,000 are just teasing him. Pretty soon he can start the boat search for real. That will be the next really big step.

No pressure Mr. Realtor, but we really want to go sailing.

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