Monday, October 7, 2013

Not my air compressor!

This past weekend Brenda and our son Matt set up a moving sale in our big garage. We have so much stuff to get rid of it is unbelievable. We hauled endless loads out to the garage and then threw open the doors thinking we would sell frivolously. Yup, sell stuff like we don't care. A nice change from buying frivolously. Bikes, toys, tools, furniture, knick-knacks, lights, gardening supplies, table saws, scroll saws and so much more.

I'm not one who becomes attached emotionally to things. My things are just that - things. It didn't bother me in the least to see my old cast iron tablesaw go out the door. I've made hundreds of home improvements and gifts with that old saw, yet I was fine seeing it bouncing away in the back of a farmer's pickup. Things were a little different though when I helped a nice gentleman load my big 220 volt air compressor on his truck. I didn't like seeing my air compressor leaving for some reason. I obviously couldn't take it with me, so why was I regretting its sale?

That big ol' compressor has blown up the tires on our kids inflatable toys, bicycles and later their car tires. I guess maybe it was something I associated with a wonderful chapter of my life that is now in the past.

The house is beginning to empty out quickly now, so lets hurry up and start this next chapter.


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  1. Such a sweet little story...says a lot about our family :)