Sunday, October 5, 2014

Figurehead Carving Project

Female face practice piece in process

As you know, we love sailboats that have that classic look. Portholes instead of flat lexan windows. A proud sheer line. More teak than is reasonable or advisable. Yup, suckers for classic plastic. Give us a Ta Shing Baba, Southern Cross or any old classic with a lovely bowsprit and we fall in love.

One of the totally unneccessary accessories we want to add to our future classic cruising boat is a small wooden mermaid under the bowsprit. Since Mike likes to do things himself, it is only makes sense that he would decide to carve one instead of buying one. Only one problem, he doesn't know how to carve. A woodworking enthusiast yes - woodcarver no.

So what does a person do to learn how to carve a mermaid? Well, buy some basic carving tools and a couple chunks of wood and have at it of course. Mike watched half of a video on YouTube on carving a little person and dove in. Flying wood chips, lots of dumb mistakes, too little artistic talent, minimal foul language and bulldog eagerness result in some simple figures.

Give him a couple months of practice and he might just make a respectable hood ornament for our next sailboat.


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