Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quick Visit Home

Our Wisconsin Friends. Oh, you too Roger.

It wasn't in our plans, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it! We rented a car and headed back to a wintry Wisconsin for a whirlwind visit. (Yes, they just had a foot of snow fall.)

We broke up the trip into three legs. The first night we spent at Brenda's sisters. Even though they weren't home, they left a casserole to warm up and a chilled bottle of wine. Sweet. Next stop, our good friends Steve and Sarah of the Com-Pac sailing crew. It's always fun to get together with them and get caught up. Sarah made some awesome chili - always the great hosts. Leaving early the next morning put us in Marshall early enough to stop by the school where Brenda was greeted with handmade signs and tons of enthusiastic hugs. (Every teacher should be able to leave and come back for a visit - very heartwarming.). Thank you Marshall Middle School for the warm welcome!

Signs and lots of hugs!

After three days of travel, we were at Mike's mom's house. It was so good to see her and give her a hug. This was to be home base for the rest of our visit. She had just turned her sewing room into a guest bedroom, so we were the first to try out the new digs. And those of you who know Dee, know that we were well fed!! Matt and Kelley (our youngest son and his girlfriend) stopped by after work. Marcia (Mike's co-worker) stopped by to say hello while she was there visiting her mother. More hugs!

Mike and Grama Dee. Mike's buddy Cooper enjoying the visit.

Tuesday night we met VanCaster's and Domask's at The Great Dane for dinner and catching up. More hugs! Such a great group of friends.

Wednesday brought Tina (our daughter) down from Minnesota. More much needed hugs!! She is such a fantastic woman and we are so proud of her!

Thursday there were just four of us for dinner, so Grama fixed a "warm-up" Thanksgiving meal. We only had ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade sweet rolls, Twinkie cake.....ok you get the picture. We rolled ourselves away from the table and brought out the cards.

The next day we sat around marveling at all the people out Black Friday shopping - NOT us. We were content to enjoy each other's company without all the hustle and bustle. Friday evening we got together with our forever and always friends and helped break in Rasmussen's new basement bar. Once again, our stomachs ached from laughing so much.

Saturday we were able to squeeze the Badgers basketball and football games around our real Thanksgiving dinner. Matt was back from Door County! He has grown into a wonderful young man. Couldn't be prouder of him. We were missing John and Brittnie (our oldest son and his girlfriend) but we will get our turn at Christmas. Yet another Greene kid to be very proud of.

Sunday we said goodbye to Tina as she and the two dogs headed north. Kelley made it back from Chicago, so we also got to see her and Matt again. Twenty days until she graduates!! Not so hard to say goodbye when we will see them all again in two weeks! Later that night we met Michelle and Dan (Michelle worked with Mike at Oakbrook Corp) at The Outback restaurant. We got caught up on each other's lives and enjoyed being able to spend time with these great people again.

The Mellow Mushroom Santa.

Monday started our return trip. It was nice to see the thermometer continue to climb as we headed south! We stopped at Steve and Sarah's again. They promised to come see us this summer!

Tuesday we stopped in Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery. Karen (Brenda's sister) was home that night, so we got in a quick visit with her before she hopped on yet another plane.

New cabinets in the condo.
Granite countertop sample.

We arrived back at the condo Wednesday after dropping off the rental car and enjoying a very tasty pizza at The Mellow Mushroom. We were excited to see our new cabinets in progress. Tomorrow we start on the boat and condo to-do lists. We are both getting ready to pull up anchor and head further south.....but first lots of family coming to visit.

Retirement is great!



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