Sunday, October 16, 2016


Wrinkles getting placed on the hard.

The joyful sounds of cruising when your boat is on land getting prepped for another year. The sweet irritating drone of sanders, shop vacs and buffers fills the air here in Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage. Mike is contributing his share to the symphony with a random orbital buffer while Brenda adds the delightful alto voice of her pad sander. Ahhh! Can't you just hear the music?

Brenda sanding away.

Our neighbors are working hard on their Westsail 32 in preparation for their 12th year of cruising. Dick and Libby are great boatyard neighbors as they smile, laugh and go about their work. We are glad we are getting this opportunity to get to know them.

Dick and Libby

We are 2/3 done with the hull buffing project and the teak sanding is just a day or so from being done. Then we will attack the varnishing, dinghy leak, weed shoe repair, cushion recovering, stainless cleaning, rubrail repair, blah, blah, blah........ Lots of work and sore muscles ahead, but we'll try to emulate our neighbors and go about the work like it is all part of the fun of cruising.


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