Thursday, October 27, 2016

We're Making Progress

Teak nearly refinished.

We are putting things back together on Wrinkles which is rewarding after all the disassembly, sanding, sewing, priming and staining. Brenda has completed all thirteen cabin cushions and they look great. She has also finished staining and sealing all the teak. She has a pretty big smile on her face today.

Mike's projects are coming together as well. The gold accent stripe has been replaced. The stainless rubrail has been removed and polished, so it is ready to be reinstalled with all new screws very soon. The bootstripe was removed and the first coat of Interlux Brightsides Sea Green paint has been applied on the port side. Later today the starboard side will be in the shade and it can get its first coat of paint as well. The weed shoe was reattached to the rudder with 2-part epoxy and a new stainless steel lag bolt. Finally, the leak in the our dinghy (The Ernie T) was located and patched.

The bottom paint should only take 1-2 days which will be the last major project on our list. Brenda is doing a couple of sewing jobs for some other cruisers which will keep her busy. We may actually get everything done within our original time frame. We'll be back on the water very soon.

Gray bootstripe primer.
First coat of Sea Green.
Lots of projects nearing completion.


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  1. Looking good, mates. I'm sending my 23 down for you to work your magic on her!!