Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We've Been Kenneled

Back in our kennel.

Our good friends Don and Gail (Island Tyme) drove over to Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage to pick us up for dinner. We figured they were probably going to keep us overnight at their lovely condo, so we packed our toiletries. We went to Farlow's On The Water and had a wonderful meal as we caught up on each other's lives. Don and Gail were surprised to find the live entertainment was a couple they were good friends with which they hadn't seen in a long time. Don was part of the local music scene as a drummer, so they enjoyed reminiscing about road trips and gigs. Gary and Kerri played for nearly four hours and we loved every minute of it. They are a really talented duo.

Sunrise at Don and Gail's condo.

We spent the night at Don and Gail's condo and then spent the next day eating out and listening to live music. First we went to Nav-A-Gators in Desoto county which was a backwaters kind of place with a charm all of its own. Next we drove over to Hurricane Charley's to listen to Jack Mosley perform. We made it in time for his last set which had everyone singing along. Back at the condo we mixed some good rum drinks and listened to some of Don and Gail's favorite local music. It sure is fun to share time with people you are so comfortable around. We talked and laughed until the rum said it was about time to go to sleep.

Nav-A-Gators Bar

Sunday morning we told Gail we had to go back to Wrinkles and get some work done. We joined them for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with Gail's father before heading home. They were kind enough to stop at the grocery store where we could restock our food supply. Finally, they put us back inside our locked gate which we joked was our kennel.

Sunset in our kennel.

Back to work for us. Well, at least until Don and Gail call again.


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