Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Here in Wisconsin it looks like we won't be having a white Christmas.  We are well past enjoying winter and snow in general, but snow on the ground for Christmas is one of the special things about living in the north. 

Snow from 2010

This is what Christmas should look like.

We'll just pretend this is happening now.
Brenda has all her "ducklings" home as of midnight last night, so she is one happy mother.  As our kids grow up and start scattering around the country it will only become more and more difficult to get everyone together for Christmas day.  We will certainly celebrate and embrace this one.  To make it even more remarkable, Brenda's sister and her husband drove up from Alabama to spend the holidays with us.  I guess the lack of snow can be overlooked when we are lucky enough to get everyone together.

Have a happy, joyous and safe holiday season everyone.

Mike and Brenda

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