Monday, December 19, 2011

Here's the next catch up post from the past:

August 26, 2009

The Admiral and I finally found time to re-introduce our 16 and ourselves to water under sail.  Teen children, work, and a new powerboat (sorry) have really crimped our sailing time this season.  We hadn't sailed in about "12 inches of weeds growing under our CP-16", so we were really excited to finally have an afternoon available to sail.  We arrived at the ramp and thought we did a pretty good job getting the boat rigged and in the water in about 30 minutes.  The trusty ol' 1952 Evinrude 3hp fired up and pushed us through some pretty good chop.  The forecast was for 12 mph winds so it looked perfect.  We killed the motor and tried to raise the main - ooops - caught in the shroud a couple of times.  Hmmmm, doesn't seem to be going up all the way.  I guess that wrapping the topping lift and the main halyard could be the problem.  OK, that is fixed.  Now we can sail.  Hmmm, the mainsheet seems a little short.   OOOOPS - rigged the old shortened sheet instead of the new full length one.  OK - we're sailing now!

155 Genoa

We really weren't expecting the waves to spray us in the cockpit at 12 mph.  The whitecaps seemed pretty strong for those winds too.  We checked later and the wind was 12-16 mps with stronger gusts.  The Admiral says this is fun.  We are sailing again!!!!

The skipper at the helm (notice the wrinkles in the sail)

I remember now how much we enjoy the sound of the water as we slice through it, moving under the power of the wind, and enjoying the time spent with the one you love doing something you both enjoy.  We're sailing again. 

Sailing on Lake Monona

Mike and Brenda

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