Friday, December 16, 2011

May 18, 2008 The Season Begins

We finally found a window of time to get Puppy Luff (CP-16) on the water for the first time this season. The weather in Madison, WI was 62 degrees with 5-10 mph winds. Not great for racing, but perfect for novices like us to get reacquainted with sailing. Last year we could get her ready to plop in the water in about 20 minutes without rushing. It took us closer to 45 minutes with some moments of "Hmmm, can't remember where that clip goes." Eventually we got her ready, plopped in the water and the ol '52 Evinrude started right up. (The wind was directly into the docks.) A few un-coordinated maneuvers later we where sailing away. The new (used) 155 genoa worked well in the low winds - didn't seem to help later in the afternoon when the wind completely died.

Lake Monona is a very pretty lake with very nice ramps at Olin-Turville Park. You have to back the truck down until the tires are slightly in the water and that is enough to float the 16 off. The view of the Capital Building and the Frank Lloyd Wright Convention center is really nice from the middle of the lake.

The Admiral had a good day of sunshine and easy sailing.

Just a great day to start off the sailing season.

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