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October 13, 2008 First Sail on Puppy Luff

October 13, 2008

After spending a LOT of time researching small trailerables we purchased an '84 CP16 a couple of weeks ago.  It is in pretty good shape and basically stock.  We have sailed dinghies for a couple of seasons and we're ready for the next step.   We looked for something stable, room for 2 - 3 adults, fairly easy to launch, in good condition, well constructed and a good learning boat.  Seems like the 16 was made for us.

We splashed it last weekend (80 Degrees in Wisconsin) and had a ball.  It rigs, launches, and sails as easily as claimed.  About the only problems we encountered were 1. tiller has been really shortened due to rot and cracking 2. mainsheet was way too large a diameter for the fairlead and cam cleat.   I am fabricating a quick replacement tiller (44" instead of 27" long) and we have replaced the mainsheet with 5/16" single-braid.  Still not too thrilled with the OEM cam cleat.

We shared beautiful Lake Monona in Madison, WI on Sunday with several other sailboats.  It was fun to play with the sails to stay ahead of a similar sailboat.  We're not really the racing kind but you can't just let someone catch you!

We hope to get to know other Compac owner's to share our experiences with as well as learn all we can from their expertise.

Hang in there Fall, we're not done playing yet!

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