Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Com-Pac 23/3 Comes Home

 The new to us 1988 Com-Pac 23/3 is safely home.  My sailing buddy Jim was crazy enough to drive along with me about 1300 miles to pick her up, adjust a trailer to fit, and then trailer her home 1300 miles.  Well, it wasn't all work, we may have found a little time to enjoy Dunedin, Florida and it's many watering holes.

We visited the Dunedin Brewery and had a great supper along with some very potent beers.  We also tried out several establishments and gee, they all had tasty beers.  We really enjoyed Jolly Mons, as they had good fish tacos, cold beer and fun locals to meet.  We had lunch with a few beers, closed out our tab to leave...... then we opened a new tab and outlasted the bartender.
Local drinking establishment ( we might have spent some time here)
Brenda and I are excited about trying out the 23 this spring and continuing to learn more about sailing.  Bring on that warm weather.


  1. Looks like a nice sleeping quarters. Do those 2 cots make up to a table?

  2. The two side berths (sailing lingo for beds) stay put and you set up a table between them. Not too many people use one. Most people eat in the cockpit (outside). There is a table that can be used inside or outside. Can't wait to try it out!