Monday, February 6, 2012

Unexpected Changes

Mike thought it would be fun to find a project sailboat for the winter. He searched endlessly online for a suitable project with a keen eye out for Com-Pac 23's. We had considered moving up to a 23 to use for the next two sailing seasons before moving to the south and purchasing the bluewater boat. Well, instead of finding a fixer upper for a cheap price he came across a beautifully kept 1988 CP23/3 at a very reasonable price. Long story short - Mike has purchased a trailer and is busily modifying it to haul the 23 home. Sadly, this means we will have to say goodbye to our wonderful CP 19/2.

We'll give you the details and more pictures when we get her home.


  1. Very cool! Enjoy, hell why not!!??

  2. Congrats on the CP! Lovely, well-built boats. Hope to see you on the Big Lake someday.