Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is it spring yet?

We are sitting here in Wisconsin, looking out our window at the most snow we have had so far this winter - 2-3 inches - and what are we doing? We are dreaming of Spring. With our new to us Com-Pac 23 home and sitting covered in our driveway, it is hard to keep our attention on winter when all we want to think about is Spring and putting the boat in the water for the first time. So, we dream. We dream about the trips we have planned: the Carlyle Lake Rendezvous in Carlyle, Illinois, our annual trip to Door County, and possibly a venture to Lake Geneva. We dream about getting on our local lakes as soon as possible to enjoy the Thursday night reggae music at the Edgewater Hotel, anchoring off the Memorial Union listening to the Badger game on the radio while watching the fans and their revelry after the game, throwing the anchor out in our favorite little coves and "fishing", rafting up with friends, Aquapalooza 2012 (where a great local band plays from a barge and the dance floor is three feet of water), rowing in from our anchorage to explore all the wonderful outdoor restaurants and bars on State Street as well as the interesting people (everyone needs to experience this at least once in their life). Ahhh, that feels better now. Spring is right around the corner and we are ready! What are you dreaming about?

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  1. If you travel to Lake Geneva, I had to recommend my friends place to stay. Chapel By The Spring! 2 bedrooms full kitchen, living room. Love it there!!