Monday, February 27, 2012

What happened to honoring our word?

We have our Com-Pac 19 / II up for sale as we purchased the Com-Pac 23/3. A buyer called and excitedly discussed every facet of the boat on a couple occasions. We came to an agreement on the price with the kicker purchase to be decided upon inspection. On Saturday he asked if I could arrange time off work on Monday as he would be leaving Sunday with cash in hand to buy the boat Monday a.m. I agreed to arrange the time off and went about prepping the boat for a 10 hour trip to it's new home. I washed some of the winter dust and grime off her even though it was under 40 degrees in the garage. I aired up the tires, greased the wheel bearings and hauled all the cushions, etc. out from the house and put them in their place aboard. I charged up the battery and felt everything was ready. Other interested buyers were left disappointed.

My wife and I had a special date night Sunday at a Brazilian restaurant that was hosting a wine tasting evening. We had been looking forward to this date since Christmas. About 5:30 p.m. When we were just walking into the restaurant, I received a call from the buyer that was supposed to be an update on their arrival time that evening. Instead he told me he noticed an older, cheaper 19 up for sale just before leaving to pick ours up and bought it instead! He said it wasn't nearly as nice as ours, but couldn't walk away.

Well, long story short, my frustration and disappointment really took a lot of the joy out of our special night.

What has happened to the honor of our word?

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