Friday, March 23, 2012

Here's another book review for you.  

Maiden Voyage is Tania Aebi's account of her solo circumnavigation on her Contessa 26 in the late 80's.  She was a gangly little rebel of a teenager with minimal sailing experience.  Her father gave her the choice of college or the boat with the stipulation that she had to sail around the world by herself.  Tania chose the boat.  This is a book about her adventure as she battled the lack of knowledge, inexperience, loneliness (no cell phone) and the unknown.  She didn't even know how to navigate! 

Maiden Voyage was one of our first reads about someone sailing long distances. We came out if it thinking that  if she could handle her adventure, we certainly could cut the land lines and sail away from shore too.

Both of us have declared this one of our favorite books within the sailing genre (and we have read a ton!)  When we got down to that last little 1/8" of pages (in a paper book) we found ourselves slowing down in order to  prolong the enjoyment of sharing in her adventure.  If you are looking for a sailing adventure, motivation to strike out on your own, love story, and coming of age story, then this book is for you.

Happy reading.

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