Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So, why do we sail?

We have friends who tease us about sailing. They say that going 7 knots is the equivalent of walking in the mall for exercise. One confirmed stinkpot owner believes anything under 30 mph is being at anchor.
So why do we go through all this work to harness the subtle breezes to go all of "not very fast"? Why don't we just sell our sailboats and buy a fiberglass bullet with 150 HP of roaring fury attached to the transom? We could zip across the lake right into the teeth of the wind and be beaming with pride at our anchor hours before that little sailing sloop makes it there.

Well, here is why we choose the sail.
  • Accomplishment - when we successfully navigate a sailboat from Point A to Point B we feel this wonderful sense of accomplishment.
  • Adventure - there is something more adventurous about exploring that neat little cove when you have to work with the wind, current and obstacles.
  • Enjoyment of nature - you have to experience the feelings associated with silently slipping by a stone bluff and hearing the birds as you pass by to truly understand the interaction with nature.
  • Pride - as you learn the skills necessary to move a sailboat efficiently about, there comes a sense of pride in your new found skills.
  • Thrill - it is amazing how thrilling a sailboat can be in 18 knot winds. 8 knots of hull speed doesn't sound like much, but you have to be on a sailboat doing 8 knots to appreciate the fun.
  • Fulfillment - a weekend spent sailing, fishing, rowing your dinghy into shore for supper, sitting in the cockpit with a glass of wine enjoying the stars, sleeping aboard a gently swaying boat and relaxing with nature make for very fulfilling memories.
So, we sail because we love it. We have experienced the wonderful camaraderie of sailors and the joy of learning new skills. Bring on the adventures and we'll meet you speed demons on the other side of the lake sooner or later.

Mike and Brenda

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