Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally gave up

A rare glimpse inside Brenda's mind as she attacks a project:

Too hot to work outside today (projected 100+ feeling more like 108), so time to work on the mainsail cover. There is still plenty of material left from the old boat cover after making the bimini, so today I start another project.

First challenge is to be sure I cut the first piece in a way that ensures there is enough material left for the second piece. This requires lots of floor space, so I have no choice but to take over the living room. It's too hot to do in the driveway as I did with the bimini. Using the old sail cover as a pattern, I find a spot that is long enough. There is a seam in the old boat cover that I am trying to avoid, but it is more important to get a sail cover made than stew about it being perfect. OK, time to cut. Whew, that wasn't so bad. Now for the second piece. Remember to flip the pattern over so the two pieces will fit together. And remember to add allowances for seams and turning in edges. Second piece easier than the first.

Now to the sewing machine. I hope the old girl still has it in her for one more project. She has really been a trooper - tackling jobs way beyond her expectations. I'll start with a simple seam fitting the two pieces together along the spine of the cover.

So far, so good. Boy this is a LONG seam. Uh oh....Looks like the machine is skipping stitches. OK, don't panic. Try a new needle. Nope, that didn't work. Try adjusting the tension. Nope, that didn't work either. Put it away for awhile and come back.

Same thing. Try on easier material. Shoot. Looks like she needs some outside assistance. Find a sewing machine shop. (The one I remember going to is long gone). "Six weeks....your lead time for repairs is really six weeks!" Sailing season will be over by then and I still have several projects waiting.

What to do now...


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