Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our new to us sextant

We have been shopping for a reasonably priced used sextant and one finally came our way. We bid on this lovely International Nautical sextant on eBay and got it for $133.00 plus $20.00 for shipping. Good sextants don't come cheap and we fully expected to settle for a well used model for $250 to $350. We are super excited about this deal. Brenda has always been fascinated with celestial navigation and now she can study up on the art of using it.

It was made by International Nautical from components supplied by Tamaya. As you can see it is in like new condition. Even the original batteries are still in the box.

We don't plan to use it for actual navigation, but it sure will be reassuring to know we have one on board and know how to use it. Electronics are great until they stop working in the middle of a passage. So if you see a pretty blue hulled sailboat out on the water with a lovely lady taking star sights with her sextant, you will know it is Brenda.

How salty is that?


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