Saturday, February 28, 2015

Judgement Day

As Brenda and I sit in a Barnes and Nobles (killing time while the house inspector does his job) we dream of water and easy sailing. Selling our home has taken so much longer than we ever dreamed and it has taken a toll on our optimism. This past week we have finished a few minor items on the house and began the final purging of personal items. Brenda comes from a long line of "we have to keep that" people in her family and she is finding the process a little tough. I love clearing stuff out, but I'm ready to be done with it.

People are buying furniture and other large items every day now which will make it easier for the next move to a small storage unit. We will stack up a bunch of family momentos and pictures in plastic tubs that eventually make their way to Mike's sister's buildings in Arkansas. The rest is going to the boat or going away. We should know today or by Monday's deadline whether the closing will happen on March 12th. 10 days to empty and clean everything. I hope we are really busy next week.

Please Mr. house Inspector, be nice!


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