Monday, February 23, 2015

What's Next?

Let's assume the house closing goes as planned and we become homeless on March 12th. What is the plan from that point forward? Well, first off we would stay with Mike's Mom for a couple of weeks as we look for a month to month rental in the Madison area. We plan on working until August and possibly as late as October (Mike only). Brenda would finish the school year and maybe teach one session of summer school.

We have our much anticipated 20 day bareboat charter in the BVI's in mid-June, boat shopping and enjoying the awesome Wisconsin summer season with our friends. We haven't decided if our O'Day 25 will go up for sale in the spring or not. It really depends upon how our boat search progresses.

Once summer is done we would make our way down to Orange Beach to continue our boat search. If we find the right boat before that time we would head to wherever the boat is stored and begin our refit and cruise right there. Either way, we are really looking forward to starting our adventure.

The house looks great and is in really good condition. The new owners will truly love living there. All we need to do now is continue moving our stuff out and hope the closing goes smoothly.


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