Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lowering Our Standards

Just needs a little work.

Well our house has now been up for sale for one full year. We certainly didn't envision that happening when we listed it with high expectations last winter. We've made our final price reduction (ok, this is our final, final price reduction) and give the current realty company 60 days to get it sold. If that doesn't work we will have to try a new realty outfit just to get a fresh start, new marketing ideas and some new hope.

As the price has fallen on our house we keep adjusting our cruising budget and boat fund downward. We still feel we can achieve our 2 year cruise dream, but it will be scaled back in how far we can roam due to the age and condition of the boat we could still afford. It is a good thing we enjoy repairing and updating old boats. Between the two of us we can take an old classic boat with good bones and make it a safe and comfortable home without much assistance. Mike actually looks forward to this process.

Let's hope this "final price reduction" is the ticket. Otherwise we may be looking at something like this for our cruise. Actually Mike's sister Lisa would probably love this little gem. We do like the hot tub and the comfy helmsman's seat.


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