Thursday, February 19, 2015


We have an accepted offer on our house! We still need to get through the appraisal (tomorrow), buyer financing and of course the dreaded home inspection. We know the house will appraise higher than needed and the buyer's financing looks to be going well, so all we really need to worry about is the house inspection. You just never know what kind of inspector you are going to get.

A bad example occurred when we sold Mom's home a while back. Roy, Mike and a few others built the house from the ground up. When the inspector showed up without a ladder and immediately said we need a new roof we knew this wasn't going to go very well. Roy asked him how he could possibly tell from the ground that the roof was bad. The inspector actually claimed that he built the house himself and could tell it was degraded. Roy questioned the inspector about his certainty that he had built the house. The inspector stuck to the story about building this house. Even after Roy and my Mom explained that we had built the house the inspector wouldn't relent. Unbelievable.

Cross your fingers for us. The buyers want to close March 12th, so we have a lot of work to do really quickly.

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