Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our 12 Days of Christmas

Brenda, Matt, John, Tina, Grandma

For the past 12 days we have had the extreme joy of having our family join us on the beach. Our daughter Tina and her friend Lacy came down from the frozen tundra to find relaxation and fun. Our son John and his girlfriend Britt drove from Ohio followed shortly by Matt, Kelley and dog Libby from Wisconsin. Mike's mom flew in from Wisconsin too. Mike's sister Kim and her husband Roy ventured from Arkansas and had a great time fishing/crabbing. Brenda's sister and her husband were so generous to host all of us.


Grama and Karen love to cook, so we were well fed. World famous Flora-Bama bar provided several nights of entertainment as did the beautiful Gulf views. LuLu's and Tacky Jacks entered the contest for best bushwhacker. Walks on the beach were a regular event and John, Britt, Karen and Peter took a plunge in the waves. Poor Matt could only wade following his appendectomy the week before. Jim and Joni (the ones who helped get Wrinkles ready to sail) stopped by for a few days too. We will meet them in the near future at their wintering spot on Marco Island. Everyone got to meet Wrinkles. More than a few thanked her for keeping us safe.

We soaked up as much time with everyone as we could, but all too soon we were ferrying people to the airport and saying our goodbyes. It is always hard to see them go. We love you all dearly!


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