Friday, December 4, 2015

To Furl Or Not

Wrinkle's Cutter Rig

Our Island Packet 31 was originally equipped with a club footed staysail. A previous owner removed the boom and installed a furler on the stay. It seemed like a pretty nice setup, but the foil extrusion was found to be completely worn out. We removed the furler with the intention of installing a new unit while we were in Alabama for the winter.

We sailed Wrinkles as a sloop with the staysail stay detached from the bow and secured out of the way. Although we could continue to sail this way we would prefer to have the option of using the small staysail for strong wind conditions. Besides, it just looks really salty with three sails flying in the wind. The idea of converting the staysail to a hank on rather than as a furling style began to appeal to us. We could install a quick detach tensioner to the base of the stay which would allow us to move the stay out of the way when it wasn't in use.

This C.S. Johnson lever is made just for this application. We would need to shorten the existing stay and install a new wire end fitting to connect the stay to the lever. (Like one of these pictured below.) Next we would install brass hanks on the old sail. If we like this new setup we could order a new staysail properly cut for hank on use later.



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