Friday, December 11, 2015

Wrinkles Gets Some Love

Brenda sewing away at the marina.

We have been a bit busy with our condo remodeling project which hasn't left a lot of time for boat projects. Wrinkles has been neglected long enough, so this week we went to work on her. Brenda is giving the sewing machine a workout on Forest Green Sunbrella fabric. So far she has replaced the entire center section of the bimini, added holes and rain boots to the bimini for the solar collector mounts, replaced eight turnbuckle covers, made a cushion for the top of the Yeti cooler (Thank you Karen and Peter) and replaced the bimini straps. Whew! Lots of green fabric flying around here.

Turnbuckle covers
Turnbuckle cover before.
Turnbuckle cover after.
That looks better.


Brenda still plans to sew up a cover for our rail mounted grill, a sail bag for the staysail and maybe replace the hatch cover fabric. That Janome Sewist 500 sewing machine has certainly paid for itself.

Mike fabricated some plastic mounts to attach the new solar panels to the bimini frame. It would have been easier to just buy some mounts, but they were ridiculously overpriced. Tomorrow he will attach the two 100 watt solar panels which will give us 340 watts (we already mounted one 140 watt panel) of free electricity.

Mike figuring out some solar panel mounts. Note Brenda's rain boots!
Mounts from below.
Solar panel mounts just about done.

Next up will be some teak refinishing, staysail installation, engine oil change, install an LED anchor light, install a new burgee halyard and clean the VHF antenna connections at the top of the mast.

It feels good to be back working on Wrinkles. We need to keep at it if we plan to sail south in just a few weeks.


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