Friday, January 22, 2016

Are You Enjoying Our Blog?

We started this blog way back in the fall of 2011 with the intention of sharing our love of sailing and travel with others of like minds. At that time we also thought this would be a great way to allow our friends and family to share in our adventures. Wrinkles In Our Sails continues to be fun to produce and we hope to document and share our cruising lifestyle for a long time to come.

We have added a donation button way down at the bottom of the page. This is NOT for our family and friends to use. It is for those readers who are following along and enjoying what we hope are funny and/or interesting posts. Please use this button as a way to say thanks.

In the future we hope to add links to videos on a new YouTube channel. Also, more naked dancing ladies. Nah, just checking to see if you were still reading. If there is something about the cruising lifestyle that you want featured on Wrinkles In Our Sails, just send us a comment. We would love to hear from you.


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