Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brightwork Nearly Done

After hours of scraping, sanding and taping we used Cetol Natural Teak stain to beautify and protect the exterior teak. We just applied the first of three coats of Cetol Gloss to our newly stained teak. Mother Nature was kind enough to give us three successive days of sunshine and low humidity to accomplish all this work. Wrinkles is looking so much happier with her new makeup applied.

Boom Crutch - before

The boom crutch was in pretty bad shape, but we decided to see if we could repair it with epoxy and then refinish it with the Cetol. It was cracked and ugly in the beginning, but once it was repaired it looked pretty decent. The wood was oak, so the Cetol finish came out much lighter than on the teak. Some day we may replace it with new wood and stain it to match the teak, but for right now it looks good enough and it is very solid.

Lovely teak showing through

A couple more coats of Cetol Gloss should finish up this project and our old backs and knees will be grateful. Anybody who thinks this cruising lifestyle is just sunsets, beautiful beaches and cocktails is way off. Yes we do get all those great things, but we also put in a lot of work in between. Now where did I set my rum and Coke down?



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  1. Thanks for Teak Tips! I have a backyard full of teak furniture and have been trying to figure out how too treat it! Thanks Chuck