Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wait Just One Friggin' Minute!

Bulkhead oil lamp

We moved aboard Wrinkles and located her on the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy freedom, adventure and of course nice warm weather. Brenda and I went to bed last night with a space heater running full blast in the cabin and a cozy oil lamp flickering. This morning there was frost, friggin' frost, on the dock. As a lifelong northerner I should have a pretty good tolerance for cold weather right? Move south - poof, instant weather pansy.

Brenda of course is always cold. Cold seems to start at any temperature below 82 Fahrenheit. So this 31 degree morning is not her idea of balmy weather, although the hot tea and oatmeal I made for her seem to be helping. Add the heater running, hoodie sweatshirt and blanket wrapped around her and she is almost comfortable.

Let's get some work done and get this boat heading south - really, really south.


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