Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ugly Teak is the Bad Guy

Ugly Teak is in the bottom of this picture.

One of the features that drew us to Island Packet sailboats was the lovely and liberal use of teak. It gives the IP's a classic big boat look which appeals to us. It shines and highlights the wonderful lines of our home. Well, that is what is supposed to be happening. The reality is our brightwork ain't so bright. The Florida sun has weathered most of the teak to the point it is flaking. Ugly Teak is the bad guy in this story.


Enter "Sandwoman", she sands faster than a Sahara storm, jumps over tangled electrical cords with ease and laughs at stiff backs and achy arms. Yes folks, "Sandwoman" has been to the rescue. The menacing flaky finish has been beaten back and beautiful stained teak will soon shine proudly on Wrinkles.

You go girl! ( "Sandwoman" costume is on order. Woo Hoo!)



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