Friday, February 26, 2016

A Ticket To Ride

Pinellas County Bus Passes

We joined our friends Julia and Robbie for a day of adventure in Clearwater. The county bus system is readily accessible in walking distance and an all day pass is $5. We boarded the 52 Route bus headed south toward what Robbie and Mike considered the biggest and most most exciting tourist attraction in Clearwater. We are talking 15 acres of fun, intrigue and entertainment. A big mall? A monster sized museum? A roller coaster filled amusement park? Nooooooooooo! We're talking Don's Marine Salvage baby.

Goats, roosters and acres of stainless steel, motors, anchors, rigging, doodads, gizmos and electronic junk. This was the boy's mega mall. Julia loved the rooster and the goats, but the rest of the stuff didn't exactly get her too excited. Brenda found it fascinating for quite a while before kind of glazing over with a "been there, seen that" look. Robbie and Mike dug, rooted and drooled over the seemingly endless storage buildings and containers. Neither had ever seen anything like Don's Marine Salvage before. After viewing perhaps 20 percent of the stock, hunger took over and it was time to find some food close by.


We stopped at the Big Storm Brewery on 49th Street right next to our bus stop. Although they didn't serve food they had a local restaurant called "Mario's" that delivered in house quickly. We ordered some food and started sampling the Big Storm's beers. Mike loved the cherry chocolate stout while Julia tried a flight of five different brews. We had a blast chatting and laughing together as we enjoyed our tasty meals and beers.

Taking the 52 Route bus back we hopped off once for some Walmart shopping and then back to the Park Street bus terminal. The four of us walked down to Julia and Robbie's beautiful Carver power boat where Mike had a very tasty cappuccino before catching the water ferry back to Wrinkles' marina.

Thanks for a great day Julia and Robbie.


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