Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So Who Pissed Off Mother Nature?

Screenshot of our Radar Scope App

OK, OK, Ok! We get it. You're pissed! Enough with the wind, storms and tornados already. We seem to have a never ending series of high winds on this adventure. Wherever we go the winds find us say hello with gusto. We decided to get a slip in Clearwater as the forecast had once again said, "Hey Greenes, I found you and here comes some wind for you." At 4 a.m.this morning we were outside, along with several other boat owners, securing banging lines, adjusting fenders and putting on additional dock lines. We now have double dock lines from all four corners of our slip. The winds are gusting at 35 knots and are expected to increase later this morning. Oh, tornados may be coming too. Goody.

Screenshot of our Windfinder App

Monitoring the dock lines from the cockpit with a hot cup of coffee is actually quite nice, but it looks like the thunderstorm portion of this storm is about to say hello. Time to go below and button up Wrinkles.

Wrinkle's Cozy Cabin



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