Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weather Window

Weather definition according to us: an elusive period of time where the wind, waves, current and temperature all magically align to insure a smooth passage by boat across a large body of water. We are beginning to think that there is no such thing as a weather window. We have been sitting in Carrabelle for over a week now waiting with about a dozen other boats for "the window". First it was going to be Wednesday. Then it got backed off to Thursday (today). Now the weather gurus say that Friday would be ok, but Saturday and Sunday would be even better. Guess we'll just grab another cold one and pull up a rocking chair on the porch and soak up the sunshine. It looks beautiful where we are docked-sunshine, warm and calm winds. But a couple just came in after trying to poke their nose out into the Gulf. They reported with eyes wide that "it was rather choppy out there." We just pulled out a couple more rocking chairs and said, "Why don't you just sit here for a spell?"


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