Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fine Dining - Cruiser Style

Penne Pasta and shrimp cooking.


Our floating home has a compact kitchen (properly referred to as the galley) similar to a camper. A small two burner stove, sink, storage and a refrigerator are the only tools available inside the boat. We also have a nice stainless steel propane grill mounted on the stern rail for grilling. Brenda chose not to install an oven after we pulled out the truly horrible looking Dickenson Diesel stove upon taking possession of Wrinkles. She just doesn't use an oven enough to justify the expense and space it would occupy. (After tasting Dee's baking all these years we just don't even want to try to bake anything that compares.)

Brenda loves her garage sale Mirro-Matic pressure cooker and her $25 Omni Oven which looks like an Angel Food cake pan with a trivet and cover. Along with a sparse supply of pots and pans she is learning to create interesting and tasty new dishes.

Salmon patties dinner.
Pesto shrimp and Penne pasta dinner.

Salmon patties with peas and new potatoes. Fresh caught shrimp from "The Shrimp Lady" at St. Andrews Marina turned into Pesto Shrimp on Penne pasta eaten in our cockpit. Chicken fajitas with red and green peppers. You get the idea, it tastes yummy.


Of course a little brandy and seven works too.


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