Tuesday, May 10, 2016

And how long will you be staying?

Have pass will travel.

Sarasota has so much to see. Just from our errand running, we can tell that we will be here for awhile. While the marina is expensive, the mooring balls are very reasonable and come with the use of the shore and laundry facilities, as well as a dinghy dock and bike rack. So what have we found so far?

On Friday, we walked up to the Sarasota bus terminal and bought our daily pass. These guys even give change! We headed over to Siesta Key for a bit of an explore. Our first stop was at Siesta Village. This is an area two blocks from the shore that is filled with shops and restaurants. We browsed a little, but then headed for the beach.

This was a very natural beach and not very crowded at all. We commented on the color of the sand..more black specs in it than we are used to, but still very pretty. We also noticed how level the beach area was and how easy it would be for the houses to be flooded. There was a cordoned off marsh area that had vegetation growing. We assume it is a nesting area as well. We wandered along the beach for a bit, got our toes wet and then headed back to Main Street and the Daquari Deck for lunch. Good choice! Prices were reasonable, serving sizes were plentiful and the taste was awesome. Oh, the Goomba Smash drinks were pretty good too. We definitely recommend this place!

Once we had our bellies full, we hopped back on the bus to explore the other end of Siesta Key at Turtle Beach. Mike laid down for a "siesta" and Brenda walked along the beach. Not much for shells today, but it was gorgeous out. We never get tired of hearing the waves come into the beach! What a beautiful day!

On Saturday, we got up early (for us) to be sure we got to the farmer's market before everything was gone. We were shocked. When we got there at 9:30, some of the vendors hadn't even opened up. We took a quick lap around looking for some homemade muffins for breakfast, but all we saw were booths filled with art. We dropped into First Watch, a restaurant that specializes in fresh original type selections. Another good choice. Then back to examine each of the art booths.

This was an up-scale art fair. All the vendors had high quality art work for sale. It reminded us of Art Fair on the Square in Madison. There were several, "Oh, look at this." as we wandered around. Once we had seen it all, we started to head back. We heard some music and followed our ears until we found....the farmer's market. Here we found the breakfast items we had wanted. Oh well, we'll just have to come back next week. We sat and listened to a two man group play flamenco guitar. What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Wrinkles at Marina Jack

So, how long will we be staying in Sarasota? We told the marina just to sign us up for the monthly plan! Hey, $9 a day we can afford.


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  1. No way! 9 clams a day? I should sign myself up! We visited Siesta Key once while visiting our daughter when she lived in Punta Gorda. Is that where the limestone beach is? On an extremely hot day, the sand is cool to walk on. A strange but wonderful sensation. Enjoy!!!