Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just when we said we hadn't heard much live music


All too soon it was time to send John on his way. It was sad to see him go, but it was a great visit. After we dropped John off, we took our lawn chairs up to the farmer's market. We sat and listened to a one-man-band all morning.

.No art fair today, but they're setting up a stage for the Harvey Milk Festival - a celebration to honor the work of Harvey Milk's for LGBT rights. We found a good shady spot under a tree and camped out. Starting at 2:30, a series of bands each got to play for 45 minutes. There were food, beer and merchandise vendors set up around the outside. Perfect! More music! We found it interesting to people watch. It was purposefully set up as a family oriented event with various art activities available. Of course a group from the Westboro Baptist Church had to show up and loudly display their hate. Fortunately no one took their bait and they soon disbanded. The musical acts were great to listen to, particularly Avan Lava. They were the final act, but we got to hear them play two songs during the earlier setup. That meant we didn't have to stay until 11 pm to hear them play. Live music for 10 1/2 hours in one day. Sweet!


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