Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mooring Line Chafe

Wrinkle's bowsprit and mooring lines

Wrinkles has a beautiful teak covered sprit extending from her bow. It functions as an anchor platform and mounting point for the forestay. It also looks really salty. Despite these great attributes the bowsprit does present us with some challenges. When we are maneuvering around docks or piers it sticks out almost 5 feet just looking for something to stab or hang up on. Leaving a side tie dock with wind pushing us against the dock creates one of those tough situation where springing off can cause the bowsprit to cross well over the dock area.

Another disadvantage of the bowsprit shows up when we tie up to a mooring ball. A long sprit is supported by a cable, chain or rod called a bobstay. This bobstay extends right through the area where mooring lines attach to the mooring ball pendant. As the boat sways on the ball the lines drag across the bobstay creating chafe (wear) on the lines. If the lines are left unprotected they will quickly wear out and break which would make for a really bad day. So, to keep Wrinkle's on her leash we added clear rubber hose to the lines as chafe guards. So far they seem to be working really well.

Hose chafe guards




  1. I actually have the same problem when Koinonia is moored. The steadying sail I fly greatly lessens the side swing to about half.

  2. Bob - have you looked at the "Delta" style riding sail? Looks like a great idea.

  3. That looks like a perfect idea to eliminate swing while at anchor. Mine is single piece of heavy sailcloth which sets on the backstay and is hauled up with the topping lift.