Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time To Top Off The Supplies

Marina Jack in Sarasota

After being at anchor for ten days, we needed to take a couple days off from playing and get some work done. Number one on the list was groceries. We still had enough on board for another month, but Brenda doesn't like to let the pantry get anywhere close to empty. Since we were on a mooring, we had to lower the dinghy and head to shore with our two large backpacks. Publix is just over a mile from the marina, so we enjoyed a brisk walk with a little sightseeing along the way. Keeping in mind that we were walking and carrying backpacks, we limited our provisioning. The cashiers are always amazed when we say, "No bags please, we'll put everything in our backpacks." It is incredible how much they will hold...especially when we take everything out of the cardboard boxes before packing. Back at the marina we piled into the dinghy and headed back to the boat. The wind was picking up, so it was a bouncy ride.

Once unloaded and everything was put away, we piled back into the dinghy with all our dirty laundry. It is so nice when a marina has washers and dryers on site. An hour later we had sweet smelling clothes and sheets. While ashore we even got to take hot showers! Brenda wasn't sure she was ever coming out. Believe it or not, it was time for dinner, so we headed back to the boat for some sandwiches. The wind was kicking up pretty well, so it was like sitting on a bucking bronco. No fancy cooking tonight!

Mooring ball T4

The next day we needed to take care of getting some water. Normally you could motor over to the fuel dock and fill up with water, but with the wind being what it was, it was easier to implement Plan B. Plan B was to bike to Target to pick up a couple water jugs to use to carry water from the marina to the boat. It was only about six miles out (and 90 degrees). We always enjoy sightseeing along the way. The Ringling Brothers influence can be seen throughout the town. There are several different clown schools and theatric venues scattered through the city. As luck would have it, Target did not have the jugs that the website showed they did. Not a problem though...Mike had spotted Wilma's Big Olaf Creamery, so our ride would not be in vain. The ice cream was delicious. We laughed. What weight we should have lost from biking, we more than made up for in ice cream!

Next stop, the local Ace Hardware store, just a couple blocks out of the way. No luck there either. Tomorrow we'll try West Marine, which is located six miles south of us. Our little bike ride turned out to be a nice workout of 15 miles. It is still well worth all the work not to dock the boat in these winds?!!

Day Three at Sarasota, we biked to West Marine on a gorgeous morning. They did have the water jugs and we were soon back at the marina, filled up the jugs, loaded them into the dinghy and headed back to the boat. Ok, now we have food, clean clothes and water aboard Wrinkles. Tomorrow we can start checking out this town.


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  1. Clown schools?? CLOWN SCHOOLS??? Sign me up!!! I love following your adventures here.