Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mike's Recent Carvings

Jeff Dunham's "Walter"

Why hasn't Mike been spending much time carving over the last couple of months?

Too busy having fun? Too many boat chores? Just plain lazy? Well, maybe all three reasons have kept him away from his hobby. While we were in Clearwater Mike carved the little guy above based on ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's "Walter".

Then while in Sarasota Mike decided he wanted to carve an artist. This is how he turned out.

Maybe now that we will be in Punta Gorda for a while Mike will get busy and create some new characters.



  1. Does Mike accept commissions??? Very nice work. I still have the Curmudgeon old salt he gave me.

  2. Thanks Bob. I think I'll add a "Mike's Carving" page to our blog. It would be nice to have pictures of them in one place. I sometimes start out with a specific character in mind when I carve, but quite often now I just start carving and see what comes out of the wood.