Monday, June 27, 2016

Planning for the Bahamas

Look what hopped into Brenda's hands when we were exploring Mariners Trading Inc, a consignment/resale store in Port Charlotte. We picked up this planning guide for a couple bucks to just get us started thinking about what particular spots in the Bahamas we would like to visit and then figure out how to get there. We also want to get more familiar with the lay of the land. We've heard people talk about Marsh Harbor, Green Turtle Cay, the Berry Islands and Rum Cay. Now we can really dig in and start making the rest of our dream come true. Hopefully we will head to the Florida Keys in November/December and then jump to the Bahamas from there.

Our trip up and down the west coast of Florida gave us a good foundation for the Bahamas. We are comfortable anchoring out for extended periods of time. We are pretty much self-contained. However, the Bahamas will be more remote and will require more consideration for provisioning as well as where to obtain water and fuel. We anticipate we will be anchored out in various places for four to five months and will need to be somewhat strategic about where we stay.

It's never too early to start planning.


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