Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin

This screenshot of the western coast of Florida gives you an idea of what TS Colin is thinking. It appears that the storm will track mostly offshore and then curve into the Florida panhandle north of us. As we watched the forecasts over the last few days it became obvious our area was going to be affected by the storm. We pulled up both the anchors we had set in Englewood Beach and hustled down the GIWW. Entering Charlotte Harbor we turned north and pointed Wrinkles at Fisherman's Village Marina in Punta Gorda.


We had planned on spending the storm season at Fisherman's, but we didn't expect the storm season to begin so soon. Arriving just outside the marina on Saturday afternoon we just barely had time to set the anchor before a strong storm front rolled through. On Sunday we hailed the marina and received permission to enter slip C27. Wrinkles snugged herself into the slip and we tied her in with a number of lines.

The storm appears to have come a little earlier than the forecasters thought with heavy rains already pounding down. Monday and Tuesday appear to be the windiest and rainiest days, so we will stick close to Wrinkles to monitor lines and adjust them as necessary. It sounds like the biggest concern is flooding which could cause our boats to get too high in their slips. Hopefully TS Colin will treat us nicely and all we'll get is a good boat wash.


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