Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No Joke...That Joker Had to Go!

Sailboats and heads (toilets) seem to have a love-hate relationship. When they work, they make life much more pleasant (even though you have to pump rather than flush). When they don't....well, let's just say it isn't pretty. And we were to the "not pretty" phase. It seems that lately when we pump to empty the bowl all is well until you turn around and walk out. Then the bowl fills back up, and not with clean water. Time for a new joker valve. That is a rubber piece that keeps the bad water from coming back into the bowl.

Mike went online and found a complete rebuild kit and had it sent here to the marina. As long as we were going to replace one part we might as well do a complete rebuild. To make the job a little less odiferous, we had the holding tank pumped out and flushed with clean water. Mike was ready to go. Brenda stayed outside on the other end of the boat. Way on the other end!

The rebuild on our Jabsco Twist-n-Lock head went pretty quickly. Hopefully the new joker isn't as funny as the last one.


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