Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Cruisers in a boat yard are a hard working bunch. We are quickly finding out they also know how to have fun. It all started last week as an innocent conversation between a couple of people, "We should have a Halloween party here in the Hut." That was all it took. A little bit later our local artist came back with a beautifully decorated poster announcing the event. Everyone worked hard on their boats the next day, and some looked like they already had their costumes on. It was funny to see the blue Smurfs walking around after having sanded their blue bottom paint. But at 5:30 sharp people arrived at the Hut all dressed in their creative costumes.

There were a couple of snorklers, a red nun and green can, Tutu Tuesday, two Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeers (this was Halloween, right?), a clown and us as pirates. Everyone brought a dish to pass and we ate well. There was fried sweet plantains with shrimp dip, a beautiful cheese ball, homemade chili, taco salad, cream cheese and meat roll ups and rum punch. Once we were full, out came the dice. We played Pirate's Dice, which was a new one for us. It involves a lot of bluffing and "arrrrghing" In the end, the newbie Brenda was the winner.


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