Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ready to go!

All the items on the "to do" list were checked off, so it was time to launch. Provisions were loaded and places were found below for all our goodies.



Yeti full of box wine.


The boat yard put Wrinkles up in a sling (ever seen your house hanging in the air?) and lifted her so Mike could paint the spots where the stands had been holding Wrinkles while on land. Then they wheeled her over to the well so she could be set back in the water. These boat yard guys have the envy of many little children. They get to run a big machine using a remote control!




After Wrinkles was settled in the water and there was no evidence of leaks, she was pulled around the corner and side tied to the dock. We had our farewell dinner in the Hut. What a great group of people. We hope to see you again soon Tammy and Gerel, Rose and Bill and David.


The next morning, after watching the election results, we were untied from the dock and on our way.


We putted down the canal and then into Interceptor Lake. We managed to get through the dreaded locks without a problem and soon were motor sailing across Charlotte Harbor. What a great afternoon.

However, as we were rounding red #8, the engine began throttling down and then revved back to normal, only to repeat the cycle all the way across the harbor. We had our headsail out, so we knew we could sail to the anchorage, if needed. But Wrinkles saw us through and we planted our anchor outside of Fisherman's Village. Sounds like a fuel filter issue that Mike could deal with the next day. Don and Gail met us at the marina and we enjoyed catching up with them and furthering our plans for the Keys and Bahamas. It was nice to be back on the water. It took us a bit to get used to the fact that our boat moves with the waves. It has been a while since we have been in open water, but it is great to be back!



  1. Wow...I love reading about your Wrinkley waterly exploits! Thanks for bringing us all along. What on earth does one do with 30,000 pounds of Miracle Whip?

  2. One can never have too much Miracle Whip! How much do you take in your guide boat?

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