Friday, November 18, 2016

Yanmar Running?

Last night at Punta Gorda anchorage.

The most experienced guy from Certified Diesel worked with Mike on our Yanmar on Wednesday. They went through the bleeding process several times and it wasn't looking very promising. The fuel just didn't want to get past the injector pump. The manual says to turn the diesel over no more than a couple of minutes to complete the bleeding process. They cranked that poor starter on and off for 45 minutes.

In the end the tech recommended replacing the existing new 2 micron fuel filter with a less restrictive 30 micron version. They put that on and went back to bleeding the system while cranking on the starter. Eventually the Yanmar started to spit and sputter as it wheezed out the remaining air pockets in the fuel. It ran just fine and we hoped everything was good to go.

Note: If you ever have to run the starter more than a couple of minutes, shut off the water intake valve. Otherwise you may flood the engine with water.

The following morning we ran a couple of errands before pulling up our anchor and heading toward Pelican Bay. Mike hit the starter button with high hopes, but he wasn't rewarded with a purring motor. He had to grind the starter for a long time before the Yanmar struggled to life. Hmmmm, not very confidence inspiring.

We motor sailed for over four hours and the Yanmar purred the whole time. It just doesn't like starting up we guess. We'll see how it does as we work our way south.


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